Interface FiefAccessTokenInfo

Object containing information about the access token.


"id": "aeeb8bfa-e8f4-4724-9427-c3d5af66190e",
"scope": ["openid", "required_scope"],
"acr": "1",
"permissions": ["castles:read", "castles:create", "castles:update", "castles:delete"],
"access_token": "ACCESS_TOKEN",
interface FiefAccessTokenInfo {
    access_token: string;
    acr: FiefACR;
    id: string;
    permissions: string[];
    scope: string[];


access_token: string

Access token you can use to call the Fief API.

acr: FiefACR

Level of Authentication Context class Reference.

id: string

ID of the user.

permissions: string[]

List of granted permissions for this user.

scope: string[]

List of granted scopes for this access token.